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Are you interested in working with us in the Writing Center? Our Writing Center staff is made up of graduate students (MA, MFA, and PhD students) from the English department and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines. To work in the Writing Center, undergraduate students must complete and pass ENG 390, an advanced course that prepares consultants to work in the Writing Center. If you are an undergraduate student and would like to be considered for employment in the Writing Center, please download and complete the application below. Please also provide a recent sample of academic writing (preferably a thesis-driven paper) and email both documents to our Writing Center Director Jennifer Whitaker at Please send your application and writing sample to Jennifer prior to the next academic semester. If your application is approved, Jennifer will be in contact with you about registering for ENG 390. 

For more information on how to work in the Writing Center as a graduate student, please reach out to Jennifer Whitaker at

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