Instructions for Writers: How to Set Up an Appointment | The Writing Center

Instructions for Writers: How to Set Up an Appointment

(Don’t worry–it’s simple!)

See What’s Available

    1. Go to the Writing Center Appointment Calendar: Writing Center Appointment Calendar–Fall 2020
    2. Note: This will probably drop you in to the calendar on the current day. Navigate to the day you’re looking for using the blue arrows at the top-left of the calendar page. 
    3. The available appointment blocks will be in gray. Find one that suits your needs, and click on it. (If nothing shows up for the day and time you’re looking for, it means the appointments for that day and time are already filled, so please check for a different day and time.)


  • Please note: In order to pair up writers and consultants in a timely way, we will take appointments for the following day up until closing time. For example, we will schedule appointments for Tuesday up until Monday at 8pm. (See our open hours here.) 



Reserve Your Spot

  1. Once you click on the appropriate gray box, a pop-out box will appear called “Book an appointment.” 
  2. Double-check that the date, time, and consultant (if applicable) are what you’re looking for.
  3. In the “Description” field, add the following:
    Your First and Last Name (your UNCG email address)

E.g.: Mycroft Holmes (

  1. Click on “Save.” Once you do, a little box will appear, telling you your appointment has been saved. Hooray!


Show Up For Your Session! 

  1. After you schedule the appointment, you’ll get a follow-up invitation to a Google Meet for the appropriate day and time. In that invitation, there will be instructions for how to show up for your session online. Do those things, and you should be all set! 
  2. Hooray! We look forward to working with you soon! 
  3. If you need to cancel an appointment you’ve already booked, go to your own Google Calendar and delete the event from there. Feel free to return to the appointment page to set up another appointment, and you’re always welcome to email us ( with any questions or concerns!